Within My Home, you have the option of generating a personal estimate or viewing our Zoopla estimate.

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What is a personal estimate?

If you've tracked your property via My Home, you'll have access to your unique Property Details Page, with the assumption being that your relationship is the Homeowner.

If your relationship is either the Homeowner or Landowner, you're now able to generate your own personal house price estimate. This estimate is an average based on the prices of 5 or more recently listed and recently sold comparable properties in your local area, and can be used to help you get a better understanding about the potential base value of your home.

You might consider generating a personal estimate if your Zoopla estimate has a Low Confidence score, if we don't have enough data to currently generate one for your property, or if you’ve made any renovations to your home since you bought it. For example, if you’ve added a bedroom to what was a three-bedroom house, you’ll want to now compare it to other four-bedroom properties in the area. We generally only learn about renovations and extensions when properties are sold, and so the personal estimate would grant you a greater understanding of what your property could now be worth.


In summary...a personal estimate is solely based on the asking prices of select similar properties listed as For sale, and only you can see it.

On the other hand, a Zoopla estimate uses more data and offers an insight into what your home could be worth, and is designed to help guide you in making your next best move. It's based on a large number of data points relating to property sales throughout the UK (region, property type, value trends, home characteristics, and asking prices of similar properties in your local area). It also includes publicly available data such as that from HM Land Registry and Registers of Scotland.
For more information on What is a Zoopla house price estimate, click here

Regardless of the type of estimate that you view, both are independent and have no influence or impact over the other.

How do I generate a personal estimate?

  1. Visit www.zoopla.co.uk
  2. Click My Home on the main navigation bar
    1. Follow the prompts to select your home if you haven't already
  3. Scroll down to the More about your home section and click Generate your own estimate
  4. To generate a one-off personal estimate, you'll need to choose at least 5 properties selling near you that are most similar to yours. To begin, click Get started
  5. You'll first need to confirm your property type so we can start showing you properties that are most like yours. Click either Detached, Semi-detached, Terrace, Bungalow, or Flat. Then, click Next
  6. Using the + and - options, you'll now need to confirm how many bedrooms your property has. Then, click Next
  7. Based on your previous choices, a selection of close matching recently listed and recently sold comparable properties will be displayed, all from your local area. Click This is like mine on 5 properties that are most similar to yours
    1. If you're unable to find enough comparable properties to generate a personal estimate, you may want to request an agent valuation for a more accurate valuation
      For more information on Requesting an agent valuation, click here
  8. Click Generate estimate now

Your personal estimate will be generated, and this is an average based on the listing price for the selected listed properties.


It's worth remembering that the figure generated for your personal estimate is dependant on how similar the properties you chose are to your own home. The more similar they are, the closer to your actual home value the personal estimate will be. Equally, the accuracy is also dependent on how closely the asking prices are to the current market value.

You can generate a personal estimate as often as you want, but bear in mind it's only worth doing again if there are new comparable properties to choose from. We'll add new properties whenever they’re listed on Zoopla or when we receive the sold price data.


Remember that Your personal estimate is exactly that: an estimate. Whilst it’s a good way to get a guide of the potential base value of your home, just like the Zoopla estimate, it isn't the same as a formal house price valuation from an estate agent or surveyor.
For a comprehensive valuation, you'll need to contact an estate agent who'll be happy to provide a more accurate valuation as they can conduct a visit and take into account more property information, including features, exact location and market conditions. Contact a local agent here.