Unlock valuable property data with a Home Check report

Home Check is a purchasable report that enables you to get valuable information about a property before you make an offer.

Using over 30 different data points, a Home Check gives you a well-rounded property summary to help you make more informed decisions. From property details like age and building type, to pricing and market advice, as well as risk data like flooding or crime statistics, a Home Check helps you be more confident that you are getting an honest and accurate view of a property.

This article includes: 

Generating a Home Check report

  1. Visit Zoopla Home Check
  2. Enter a full UK postcode and click Look up postcode
  3. Select an Address from the dropdown and click Next


If you've already purchased a subscription for Home Check reports and you'd like to generate a new report, you'll need to click the Existing subscribers tab and then enter your Email address

Home Check Existing subscribers.gif

Your Home Check is broken down into 11 sections including an overall property summary, most of which are minimised by default.

To expand any section, click either on the section heading in the contents or scroll to a section and click the + icon next to the section heading.

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The sections consist of:

  • Home Check summary - A quick overview of any alerts related to the property. While most alerts could be harmless, it's a good idea to explore them before making the decision to buy the property
  • Property details - Key information about the property including age, cost per square metre and council tax rates
  • Sales history - A review of the property's appreciation potential and historic home improvements that have added value in the past
  • Price analysis - Our estimated price for this property as well as comparable listings and sold properties nearby
  • Market dynamics - Understand your negotiating position and how long properties like this take to sell
  • Local area - Evaluate if the neighbourhood is right for you by viewing an overview of school ratings, transport links and crime statistics
  • Planning applications - Discover up to 10 planning applications in the surrounding area, including those that have been submitted, approved and refused
  • Energy performance - Check the energy and environmental ratings for the property to see if it can be improved and how much it could cost to maintain
  • Flood risk - A rating of how likely the property is to be affected by flooding from rivers and seas
  • Internet services - Check if the property’s internet services are reliable and meet your needs (broadband speeds and availability)
  • Data sources - A summary of the data sources used to populate the Home Check

Home Check.gif

Purchasing a Home Check report

To purchase a Home Check report, you must pay a £9.99 monthly subscription. This entitles you to view live data for up to 40 properties/addresses.

You can always cancel your subscription at any time (i.e. if you're no longer looking for a property, or, once you've found a property).

To purchase a Home Check report:

  1. Click here to purchase a Home Check report
  2. On the Purchase tab, click Subscribe
    Purchase a Home Check.png
  3. Sign in to Zoopla if you aren't already. Then, enter your Payment information and click Subscribe
  4. You can then start to generate your Home Check report(s). You'll also be sent an email linking you to your Home Check for future reference, and the link will be accessible for a minimum of 90 days


  • No property data is showing, why is this?

Sometimes you might need to refresh the page for the data to show, occasionally we simply don't have access to the information required. This could be because the data isn't currently available but will be in the future. In the case of some specific properties, the data might not exist.  

  • Can I get a refund for a Home Check report?

If you aren't happy that a Home Check report has provided you with enough value, we accept refunds within 14 days of purchase. Outside the 14 day period, subscriptions can still be cancelled at any time, however they will not be eligible for a refund. Subscriptions can be cancelled via the Manage your subscription link on the Existing subscribers tab.

  • How can I amend my subscription details?

You can amend your subscription details by following the Manage your subscription link. You can find this in your Home Check confirmation email, or, on the Existing subscribers tab.

  • How will my subscription renew?

The subscription is auto-renewed monthly. A notification will be sent 7 days before the next payment is due to the email address used to set up the subscription. Unless cancelled, monthly payments will be taken automatically.