Rental estimates are calculated using the house price estimate and regional rental market trends.

In some low property density areas, our rental estimate values may not be as accurate as there are not enough properties to make comparisons of their sizes and current values.  

Please bear in mind that since our rental estimates are not formal valuations, they shouldn't be used as such.  They provide a guide to the rental value of a home only and should be supplemented with additional research and/or professional advice.

 Did you know...

You can track properties which helps you easily find our Zoopla Rental estimate (where we have one for a property) to see what a home is worth, and view a Property timeline to look at it's history including historical sale and listing events, as well as keep up to date with homes you are interested in. Tracked properties can be accessed from within the Saved tab on the main navigation bar
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  • New data cannot be manually fed into the Automated Valuation Model (AVM), the model which our estimates are generated from, not by users, nor by ourselves. Therefore, we're unable to refine or change rental estimates manually
  • Our estimates are not formal valuations. We advise you contact an estate agent or surveyor for a more accurate rental valuation, as they can conduct a visit. Contact a local agent here