How do I save a property in House prices?

Saving properties from House prices is a great way to keep an eye on the property market and monitor price estimates of properties of interest. Any properties you do save from House prices can be viewed from MyZoopla alongside any other saved properties. 


You need to have a MyZoopla account to add any property to your saved list. Get more information on how to create a MyZoopla account

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  1. Visit
  2. Click on the House Prices tab
  3. Search for the property using the search bar
  4. On the search results, click the Heart to save the property
  5. The property will save to your Favourite Property list

To view the saved House Price property list:

  1. Log into MyZoopla
  2. Click on Favourite Properties
  3. Click House Prices 
  4. The properties you have saved will appear on the front of the House Price page


There's no limit to the number of homes you can track, and you'll receive monthly email updates on these properties