How can I change my claimed home's details?

Once you have claimed a home, you can update, edit or remove any content that you've added, at any time, in the My Zoopla section of our website.

How can I change my claimed home's details?

  1. Go to and click Sign in
  2. Enter your email address and password. Click Sign in
  3. Hover over My Zoopla and click Settings
  4. Click the My content tab
  5. On the Claimed homes tab, click Edit 

You are now able to customise what is displayed against your claimed property.


  • You can set a TemptMe Price. If you see a home you really like and are looking to buy in the near future, TemptMe allows you to register interest in any home and be the first to know when it's listed for sale along with details from its owners that indicate what price they might accept.
    By setting a TemptMe price, you can determine interest in your home if you were to consider selling it, and let property seekers see the price you would be looking to get for your home

  • If your house value has increased, you may be able to save money every month. Click How much could I save? to compare thousands of remortgages to see if you can get a cheaper mortgage deal

  • You might also want to Add features to your home if you've made any recent changes that affect the value of it. This allows you to adjust more specific details and provides a space for you to write about other features, or, add descriptions of your home. Any changes you make will take effect immediately.
    You can also easily Book a free valuation for your home if necessary
  1. Click Add features
  2. Complete any of the Additional features that are applicable
  3. Click Continue
  4. Your changes will now have taken effect


  • You can edit specific details of your home, which are then displayed on your home details page
  1. Click the Pencil icon alongside Are your details correct?
  2. Add or edit your homes characteristics from any of the drop-down fields, for example, Property type or Bedrooms
  3. Click Continue


  • Confirm location enables you to confirm the location of your home
  1. Click Confirm location
  2. Either click on the precise position on the map, or click, drag and drop the Z icon to the correct position
  3. Click Confirm position


  • Upload photos allows you to upload, and later remove, your own photos of your home and select which ones will be featured
  1. Click Upload photos
  2. Click Choose file
  3. Browse your computer for the relevant photo, highlight it, and click Open
  4. Click Upload photo