How do I amend the Map position for a property?

When viewing a home on Zoopla, below the photo carousel, information about it is spread over 4 tabs; Property details, Floorplan, Map & Nearby and Market stats.
On the Map & Nearby tab, the location of the home can be viewed on a map, either in Map or Satellite view. Below this are a list of nearby Local Amenities

If any of the map or location information displayed is incorrect, it can be due to an error in the precise location of the home. 

Map position and Satellite view

If there is an issue with the Map position or Satellite view of your home, whilst the map or image returned is provided to us by Google, the issue is likely the result of an incorrect map position for your home.
In order to remedy this, you will need to claim your home on Zoopla before amending or confirming the location of your home. To do this: 

  1. Create a Zoopla account
  2. Claim your home on Zoopla
  3. Confirm the location of your home

Once you have claimed your home and set the correct location, the new position will be updated immediately along with the Map position and Satellite view.

Whether you have needed to follow the above steps or not, there may be the odd occasion where the Map and/or Satellite view is out of date. Unfortunately, as the maps and aerial view photography displayed on our site are provided by Google who update these images periodically, we don't have control over them.
If you do want to contact Google, you can contact them directly from the Report a map error link on the listing.