How to search for specific rental property features or types

When searching for properties on Zoopla, you can filter on specific features or types to really tailor the results and see the properties that are best for you. 


If the property type you are searching for is not available in that area, the option will not be listed

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  1. Go to
  2. Hover over To rent 
  3. Click UK properties to rent 
  4. Type in your search area and basic criteria 
    1. You can apply Advanced search options here, e.g. keywords, tick to include New homes etc
  5. Click Search 
  6. On your list of suitable properties, click Filter results 
    1. To search for specific property types, i.e. bungalows, tick Houses, and then Bungalows
    2. Letting type will show specific lettings options, i.e. Short lets, Pets allowed
    3. You can set your preferred furnished type from Furnishing
    4. To search for specific property features, click + and select the features you wish
  7. The screen will automatically refresh to show the updated results