How accurate are house price estimates?

We want to give you the most accurate house price estimates possible. And we’re always looking for new ways to improve.

The type, age and size of your property all influence our calculations. We also take into consideration:

  • How many properties in your local area have been recently sold
  • If we can identify the exact location of the property
  • The number of similar homes in the area
  • The state of the housing market as a whole

The more up to date information we have about a property, the more accurate our estimate will be.
We now offer more coverage and are statistically more accurate, but our calculations are estimates only. They are not the same as property valuations carried out by estate agents.


If you intend to sell your property, it’s good practice to get at least 3 estate agents to value it, even if you’ve already used the Zoopla House prices estimate tool. A Zoopla estate agent will be happy to provide the most accurate price estimate for you.  Please visit the Zoopla website to request an appraisal