Will coronavirus impact my Zoopla House Price Estimate?

The coronavirus pandemic may have impacted our House Price Estimate for your home.

This is because our estimates rely on data on recent property listings and sales. As a result of the property market’s official closure, there were 90% fewer property listings. Almost no property sales progressed to completion.

This meant there was very little new data to base our estimates on, which could have affected the estimate on your home.

We’ve built the House Price Estimate tool to withstand drastic market fluctuations as much as possible. However, there’s always potential for discrepancies.

Now the property market has reopened, estate agents can visit your home to give you an accurate valuation. They’ll be able to take into consideration the unique features of your property alongside local trends and the market as a whole.

The property market’s changed a lot in the past few weeks. To keep up to date with the latest news and info, click here