We're working hard to ensure we have accurate estimates for all properties, with coverage for all locations in the UK. Our mission is to be able to provide data on all homes in the UK - over 29 million currently.

We are continually developing and evolving our industry-leading insights to improve our coverage of UK properties. Currently, Zoopla uses Ordnance Survey for our property address data, which provides a more complete and reliable address dataset for residential properties.

  • You can look up any residential property address on https://www.zoopla.co.uk/house-prices to visit the Property Details Page for that property. On this page, you’ll find the Property estimate, a Property timeline, and other valuable insights
    • If you are unable to locate an address, please check if the address exists using this address search tool, which is powered by Ordnance Survey: https://www.findmyaddress.co.uk/search. If you see a result in the search tool that isn't appearing on Zoopla, please contact our Customer Support Team to report a missing address on our website. Click Submit a request below and complete the contact form, and we’ll investigate the issue
    • If you don't find the address you are looking for on the Ordnance Survey tool, we advise you to contact Ordnance Survey directly to report any missing or incorrect address information, as we are unable to add or edit address data
      For more information on our address migration, please see Why does my address look different?
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To view details about your own home via My Home:

  1. Visit www.zoopla.co.uk
  2. Click My Home on the main navigation bar
  3. Type your full postcode and click Search
  4. From the dropdown menu, click on your Address
  5. Click Yes, that's my home
    1. If you aren't signed in, enter your login credentials and click Sign in
  6. The Property Details Page displays, and the property will start being tracked with the assumption your relationship is the Homeowner

As the Homeowner, you can get a unique view of your property and an in-depth view of your local market. You're able to:

  • View our Zoopla estimate and an Estimate range
  • View a local area map
  • See how your estimate's changed over the past two years, and also view our Rental estimate
  • Explore what's on the market near you, including Similar properties for sale, Properties sold nearby and Local Amenities
  • Check how your area's performing and see how it compares to the rest of the region, such as the average house prices and the time to agree a sale
  • Book an in-person valuation from a local agent

You can also view details surrounding anyone else's home in the United Kingdom.
For more information on How do I view details about a property, click here

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