Our adverts aim to reflect the emotional value of buying a new home. Although they may often be light-hearted and fun, we ensure all of our adverts are subject to a thorough review process. In the case of TV adverts, this includes gaining clearance from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Clearcast - the clearance body for all TV ads.

Currently, you may spot two Zoopla ads on TV. We have Billy and Dylan, which tells the story of an extremely happy boy as he dances around his bedroom and jumps joyously up and down on a bed. The viewer learns that this is Billy, and that Billy is happy because by finding their home on Zoopla, his parents were able to buy one with an extra bedroom - meaning he no longer needs to share with his little brother, Dylan.


The advert highlights the joy and sense of freedom that comes with a bigger home and features a voiceover from Diane Morgan (star of After Life and Motherland). The Billy and Dylan advert is joined by Zoopla’s tongue-in-cheek Tia and Jake advert, which depicts a young couple setting up a love nest and enjoying the benefits of moving into their own place for the first time.

We are grateful for all feedback on our advertising campaigns. Please leave your comments by either emailing help@zoopla.co.uk, or, clicking Submit a request below and completing the contact form. We’ll be sure to respond to you promptly.