Why would I use News and Guides?

Using News and guides allows you to keep up to date with the property market and access articles on the latest Property news, as well as browse our helpful Property guides if you are looking to buy or rent your first/next home.

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Property news

  1. Visit www.zoopla.co.uk 
  2. Hover over News and guides and click Property news
    1. Alternatively, you can view the news by scrolling down the main Zoopla homepage 

This is a good section to keep a close eye on if you are planning to make any moves within the property world. These articles are updated when there has been hot discussions in the industry.

If you find any of these articles to be useful, you're able to share them on your social media directly from Zoopla. Overall, this is a great way of staying in touch with the market and it may also help you make more informed decisions about your purchase.


  1. Visit www.zoopla.co.uk 
  2. Hover over News and guides 
    1. Alternatively, you can click News and guides and access the guides in a more summarised view
  3. Click any of the available Property guides

Property guides, Buying property guides and Renting property guides.

  • Property guides is a hub of articles and resources produced by Zoopla industry professionals, and contained within are Buying a home guides, Selling a home guides, Renting a home guides, and many more. These articles include some great tips and break down the moving process into no nonsense chunks, providing valuable insight for every aspect involved in a move you may be considering


  • If you would like a bit of fun reading, we have more relaxed and playful articles around property within Treehouse. You'll enjoy what we have in there!

You can use all of our expert industry knowledge to your benefit when you are searching for your home. It will allow you to make more informed decisions and may help you answer questions you have, or might be thought provoking in coming up with new questions. There is a benefit to be had by having this all in one place, that focuses on your area and property, as it can save you lots of time reading unnecessary and/or untrusted articles on the internet.

Zoopla has a wealth of knowledge in industry news and data, we spend our lives analysing it! We also have a very experienced team in place who have been agents, or they've bought their homes or have invested in property themselves. You really can trust the advice on these pages!