Currently, Zoopla uses Royal Mail for our property address data. Over the next few months, we will be migrating this data to Ordnance Survey, which provides a more complete and reliable address dataset for residential properties. It is the industry standard, and every address will be identified by a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), similar to registration numbers for cars.

This article includes: 

Finding an address in the new address service (UPRN)

You can look up any residential property address on to visit the Property Details Page for that property. On this page, you’ll find the Property estimate, a Property timeline, and other valuable insights.

If you are unable to locate an address, please check if the address exists using this address search tool, which is powered by Ordnance Survey: If you see a result in the search tool that isn't appearing on Zoopla, please contact our Customer Support Team to report a missing address on our website. Click Submit a request below and complete the contact form, and we’ll investigate the issue.

If you don't find the address you are looking for on the Ordnance Survey tool, we advise you to contact Ordnance Survey directly to report any missing or incorrect address information, as we are unable to add or edit address data.

New URL for the Property Details Page

As we migrate to Ordnance Survey as Zoopla’s new address supplier, we will be updating the URL for our Property Details Pages so they include the UPRN. For example, the URL will change from to

Wherever possible, we will redirect you to this new URL without disrupting your My Home experience. However, some addresses in our old system could not be mapped to the new system. In these instances, we will guide you to the updated UPRN page.

Change in data content on the Property Details Page (on web and app)

Where we have been unable to match records you may notice some changes in the data content we display on our Property Details Pages. This may be across different My Home pages in the web experience, and also on the mobile app.

Some data may temporarily disappear from the Property Details Page during the transition period. We ask for your patience until our address migration is complete, when this data will reappear in the future.