At Zoopla, we've now fully migrated ALL of our property address data from Royal Mail to Ordnance Survey, who are the industry-leading source for addresses.

This enables us to provide a more complete and reliable address dataset for residential properties.

It is the industry standard, and every address is identified by a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), similar to registration numbers for cars.

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How does this affect my address data?

As a result of this change, you might notice some differences with your address details.

  • Property Details Page URL - Now that we've fully migrated to Ordnance Survey as our address supplier from Royal Mail, the URL to access our Property Details Pages would've updated to include the UPRN. For example, the URL would've changed from to

  • Address data - Now that we've fully migrated, there may be rare instances where there are discrepancies (mismatches or omissions) between the address data we receive from the Ordnance Survey and the HM Land Registry which are completely outside of our control. When a property address is listed differently between the two sources (even when the difference is minimal, i.e. it pertains to one word), our system will not be able to match the two. When this happens, we will not display any sold price information to avoid potential mismatches.

    If your property's address is displayed differently on the Ordnance Survey vs. the HM Land Registry, you will be required to contact the two sources individually to see if they can match the information.

    You may also wish to contact your local authority/council directly who should be able to advise you further as we are unable to add or edit address data in any way.

  • Sold price data - The sold price data that we can access and display for your property may be different from what was previously displayed on our website and app. On some occasions where we previously manually added sold prices, these will no longer match the Price Paid Data that the HM Land Registry uses and as a result will no longer display on Zoopla as a result of this change.
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Finding an address in the new address service (UPRN)

You can look up any residential property address on Zoopla House prices to visit the Property Details Page for that property. On this page, you’ll find the Property estimate, a Property timeline, and other valuable insights.
For more information on viewing details about a property, click here

If you are unable to locate an address, please check if the address exists using Ordnance Survey's address search tool.
If you see a result in the search tool that isn't appearing on Zoopla, please contact our Customer Support Team to report a missing address on our website. Click Chat below and the virtual assistant will assist you, ahead of us investigating the issue.

If you don't find the address you are looking for on the Ordnance Survey tool, we advise you to contact Ordnance Survey directly to report any missing or incorrect address information, as we are unable to add or edit address data.