How do I list a property for rent?

To list a property for rent, you will need to be registered with a Zoopla agent, as Zoopla doesn't accept properties listed directly from a private landlord.  

Luckily, you can find an agent on Zoopla to assist you in renting your property.  

   Web (Desktop)     Web (Mobile)
  1. Visit 
  2. Hover over Find agents and click UK letting agents 
  3. Type in the postcode of your property
    1. You can set a search Radius in which to find an agent
    2. You can search for specific agents if you have a preference or if you have been recommended one 
  4. Click Search 

The agents in the area where you are looking to market your property will be listed, in alphabetical order, along with statistics on their average asking price and listing time, both for rent and sale.  

You can click Show more to view more information about that agent, or use the buttons to the side to call or email.