If you are looking to sell your current home, unfortunately this is not something you can directly do on Zoopla. We don't promote private property listings, and we work directly with estate agents who are bound by law to be truthful in their property marketing, which provides protection to both the buyer and seller. To ensure your home appears on our website, make sure you select an estate agent who lists their properties with us.

When you do select an agent to sell your home, if they list their properties on Zoopla, it should appear on our website as soon as your agent has uploaded it to our database. If your agent does not list their properties on Zoopla, you should request that they do so in order to maximise exposure for your property and enhance your chances of a successful sale.


When your home is listed on our site, if you find that some of the details are incorrect or that there are errors in your listing details, you should contact the estate agent directly to inform them and request that the details are updated accordingly. This is due to the fact that we receive property details directly from your estate agent

Once you have sold your home, it may still appear on our website until the sale has been completed after which it should no longer appear on our site. If you have completed the sale and your property is still listed as 'For sale', please contact your agent to ensure that they update the status of your home on Zoopla. Alternatively, scroll down to the More information section and click Report this listing.

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