We introduced a way to follow your home and keep up to date with other homes you are interested in. This is via Track this property on our new Property Details Page.

The ability to track a property is included at the top of every Property Details Page, accessed from the House prices section. Every one of the UK’s 30 million homes has a Property Details Page and it has been designed to ensure you can view the most valuable information about a property, quickly and easily.
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You can now more easily find our Zoopla house price estimate (where we have one for a property) to see what a home is worth, view a Property timeline to look at it's history including historical sale and listing events, and of course, track a property you’re interested in.

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You need to have a Zoopla account to be able to view the homes you track and add them to your Tracked properties list
For more information on how to create a Zoopla account, click here

To track your own home:

  1. Visit www.zoopla.co.uk
  2. Click My Home on the main navigation bar
  3. Type your full postcode and click Search
  4. From the dropdown menu, click on your Address
  5. Confirm whether you have a mortgage on this property or not, and if so when it ends
  6. Click Next step
    1. If you aren't signed in, enter your login credentials and click Sign in
  7. Our My Home landing page displays, where you'll enter your unique Property Details Page. The property will start being tracked with the assumption your relationship is the Homeowner

As the Homeowner, you can get a unique view of your property and an in-depth view of your local market. You're able to:

  • Edit your property details
  • View our Zoopla estimate and an Estimate range
  • View a local area map
  • See how your estimate's changed over the past two years, and also view our Rental estimate
  • Explore what's on the market near you, including Similar properties for sale, Properties sold nearby and Local Amenities
  • Check how your area's performing and see how it compares to the rest of the region, such as the average house prices and the time to agree a sale
  • Book an in-person valuation from a local agent

To track other UK homes:

  1. Visit www.zoopla.co.uk
  2. Click House prices
  3. Enter an address or postcode and click Search
  4. Click on an address within the chosen location to view the full Property Details Page 
  5. Click Track


As well as tracking a property, the Property Details Page allows you to:

  • View property attributes, EPC letter rating, and the listing status (eg bedroom/bath count, EPC rating C, and if the property is currently listed for sale/rent)
  • View a local area map
  • Check your home's equity
  • Book an agent valuation
  • View our Zoopla estimate (Over 90% of homes have a calculation of a home's approximate worth, however you must be signed in to your Zoopla account to view this)
  • View our Rental estimate (Over 90% of homes have a calculation of a home's approximate worth, however you must be signed in to your Zoopla account to view this)
  • View the value over time and see a Property timeline (You must be signed in to your Zoopla account to view content such as the floorplan, photos, and the archived listing)
  • Use a Remortgage calculator (A calculator that provides an indication of the amount you may have to pay monthly)
  • View Properties sold nearby (maximum of 12 ordered by recency where you can identify similar properties that may be relevant to you)
  • View Properties for sale nearby (maximum of 12 where you can compare our Zoopla estimate to asking prices for similar properties nearby)

All of the homes you’re tracking can be accessed from within the Saved tab on the main navigation bar.

  1. Visit www.zoopla.co.uk
  2. Click Saved on the main navigation bar
  3. Click the Tracked properties tab
  4. You can turn on/off email updates for each of your tracked properties, amend your relationship to the properties (I'm the homeowner etc), or, stop tracking the properties altogether

There's no limit to the number of homes you can track, and we will also send you relevant updates about the properties you’re tracking, if specified. 

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