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So....What is Zoopla?

Zoopla is a property portal website and app who provide estate agents with advertising through our website and our affiliated partner websites.

We know you're not just looking for a place to live, you're looking for a home. We've got over a million properties for you to browse and tools that let you filter them in all kind of clever ways.

We also have reliable house price estimates, so you can be sure you aren't paying over the odds. But we know you're looking for even more than that...

That first flat won't just be a 'great investment opportunity'. It'll be the feeling of starting out on your own. That extra bedroom won't just mean another £20K on the re-sale price, it'll mean having your sister over to stay.

That bungalow won't just be a way to release some equity, it will be a chance to spend more time with the grandkids.

We know that searching for a home is about more than just checking its price, location and features (important as all those things are). What really matters is how it makes you feel. We know what a home is really worth.

So let us help you find yours.