A Zoopla house price estimate offers an insight into what your home could be worth and it's designed to help guide you in making your next best move. 

Estimates are generated from our Automated Valuation Model (AVM) which is powered by Hometrack, who are the UK's biggest automated valuer of residential property. This model gives an accurate picture of property prices with increased coverage of homes across the UK.

Can my estimate be suppressed?

We aim to maintain the accuracy and integrity of our AVM; and unfortunately, we are unable to change the information. New data cannot be manually fed into the AVM, not by users, nor by ourselves.

However, if you can provide us with historical evidence and we can see there is an inconsistency in the current estimate for your home, as a resolution we can suppress your current estimate from displaying on our live website and it will appear as Not known/No estimate available as a result, until we are able to reinstate it.

If you would like to contact Customer Support regarding the suppression of this data, click Chat below and the virtual assistant will assist you, ahead of us investigating the issue.


  • We will not be able to provide you with a timeframe for when an estimate reinstatement will take place. In the meantime, this will allow for the analysis of further data points and modification to the estimate
  • Please be assured that our estimates are just that: estimates. They are not the same as a formal house price valuation from an estate agent or surveyor.
    For a comprehensive valuation, you'll need to contact an estate agent who'll be happy to provide a more accurate valuation as they can conduct a visit and take into account more property information, including features, exact location and market conditions. Contact a local agent here