The Zoopla estimates are our opinion of the market values of homes and are based on a large number of data points relating to property sales, value trends and home characteristics through the UK, including publicly available data such as that from HM Land Registry and Registers of Scotland

We upgraded our house price estimates, based around changes to the algorithm which our Zoopla estimates are generated from. Our Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is powered by Hometrack, and this model gives you a more accurate picture of property prices with even better coverage of homes across the UK. When we changed from the old model to our AVM, it was natural that the house price estimates would change, with some increasing or decreasing and others being withdrawn.

  • We rely on a number of different data sources to provide the house price estimate, not just sold price data. We aim to be as informative as possible and if we have sufficient information to create an estimate for a property, an estimated price range will automatically be generated, along with a confidence level
    For more information on Where does the Zoopla Estimate data come from, click here

  • When we don't have sufficient or enough reliable data on your property, on similar properties in the area, or do not currently have sight of the address, we cannot provide a house price estimate. This can, however, change over time as confidence increases in the data received for this area/home and will therefore, generate a new Zoopla estimate

We are continually developing and evolving our industry-leading insights to improve our coverage of UK properties. Our AVM receives data regularly, resulting in significant accuracy improvements and increased coverage of UK properties, with our mission being to provide data on all homes in the UK - over 29 million currently. 

Please be assured that our estimates are not the same as house price valuations; for that you'll need to contact an estate agent who'll be happy to advise you on the most appropriate selling price for your home. 


  • New data cannot be manually fed into the AVM, not by users, nor by ourselves. Therefore, we're unable to manually add estimated price ranges
  • Our estimates are not formal valuations. We advise you contact an estate agent or surveyor for a more accurate valuation, as they can conduct a visit. Contact a local agent here