What does the estimated price range mean?

The estimated price range shows an approximate lower and upper limit of what your home could be worth today. The estimated price itself usually falls somewhere in the middle of these limits. In other words, there’s no one selling price for your home.

Our estimates are rated by confidence level. If yours shows ‘low confidence’, it means we do not have enough data on your property to be certain of our calculations. Just so you know, we’re aiming for high confidence for all properties.

Local market conditions, the state of your property and your selling requirements (e.g. if you need a quick sale) impact the selling price. As such, it’s always worth asking a few agents to come and value your home. It’s likely they’ll each give you different valuations, just like the estimated price range we show.

The scale of the estimated range varies based on the quality of data available about your home. When less data is available, we show you a broader price range. When we have more data, the price range is narrower.