A Zoopla house price estimate offers an insight into what your home could be worth and it's designed to help guide you in making your next best move. 

Estimates are generated from our Automated Valuation Model (AVM) which is powered by Hometrack, who are the UK's biggest automated valuer of residential property. This model gives an accurate picture of property prices with increased coverage of homes across the UK.

We update our estimates every month, using the biggest comparable database in the UK.

But they are by no means a valuation of your property. That’s where our estate agent partners come in: to give you the best and most accurate valuation on your home. Why not book an agent valuation with Zoopla.

This article includes: 

Where does the Zoopla Estimate data come from?

We use data from multiple trusted and regulated sources in our estimates. They include:

  • Data from HM Land Registry and Registers of Scotland (Previously sold prices of the property and when it was sold, characteristics of the property such as the number of bedrooms)
  • Official survey records from accredited surveyors
  • Live for sale and to rent property listings in your area (Changes in market value of similar properties sold nearby, value trends, local area data - including crime rates and local schools)
  • Energy Performance Certificates

However, this may not include things like recent extensions, renovations or makeovers.

The data we use is updated every month. The exact date of the update varies depending on where the information is coming from. For example, HM Land Registry, Royal Mail, Ordnance Survey or Registers of Scotland.


Data is richer in England and Wales than in Scotland, where a narrower range of data is available, and in Northern Ireland, where it is not published.  This makes our estimated ranges more accurate in England and Wales than Scotland and Northern Ireland

We are continually developing and evolving our industry-leading insights to improve our coverage of UK properties.

Our AVM receives data regularly, resulting in significant accuracy improvements and increased coverage of UK properties.

Our mission is to be able to provide data on all homes in the UK. That’s over 30 million properties right now. Therefore, our calculations are solely based on impartial data from third party, public organisations.


Please be assured that our estimates are just that: estimates. They are not the same as a formal house price valuation from an estate agent or surveyor.
For a comprehensive valuation, you'll need to contact an estate agent who'll be happy to provide a more accurate valuation as they can conduct a visit and take into account more property information, including features, exact location and market conditions. Contact a local agent here

Changing your house price estimate

Unfortunately, new data cannot be manually fed into the AVM, not by users, nor by ourselves. Therefore, we're unable to manually add or amend estimated price ranges.

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