Why does my property not have an estimate?

We rely on a number of different data sources to provide the house price estimate.  When we do not have sufficient data on your property, or do not currently have sight of the address, we cannot provide a house price estimate. 

We are continually developing and evolving our industry-leading insights to improve our coverage of UK properties, and as such have updated our house price estimate model resulting in significant accuracy improvements and increased coverage of UK properties.  

  • We want to ensure that we provide only the most accurate and up to date estimate for your home. As a result of updating our house price estimate model, you may have noticed we've removed the outdated estimate from the House prices tab within Favourite properties in your My Zoopla account.
    However, our most up-to-date, accurate estimate for your property can still be found on the property details page, if you click How much is my home worth? and then Get a Zoopla estimate in the House prices section of our website. This will be updated every month
    • The property details page also allows you to keep up to date with homes you are interested in, via Track Property.
      For more information on How do I track a property, click here

We aim to be as informative as possible and if we have sufficient information to create an estimate for a property, an estimated price range will automatically be generated.  


  • Sold price data is not the only data point on which a Zoopla estimate is generated, but rather from various points/sources.  We are not able to manually add estimated price ranges
  • If you’re selling, it’s best to get a few agents to value it in person. If you want to get a valuation from your local experts who will inspect your home and take into account its unique quirks and features that you and future buyers may love, a Zoopla registered estate agent will be happy to provide the most accurate price estimate for you.  Please visit the Zoopla website to request an appraisal