Managing My Zoopla account details

Once you have created a My Zoopla account, you're able to manage or amend your Zoopla account login details from within My profile on our website. Any changes will take effect straight away.

We value your privacy and take online security very seriously. Please be assured we do not share your email address or other personal details with any third parties.

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To manage your My Zoopla account:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Enter your login credentials and click Sign in
  4. Hover over My Zoopla and click More account settings
  5. Click the My profile tab
  6. On the My details tab, you can change your:
    • Username - If the Username you select is deemed to be unsuitable or inappropriate, it will not be approved and you'll be assigned a temporary username. This temporary username will be displayed until you select a new one
    • Contact name
    • Telephone number
    • Postcode
    • Status
    • About me

      My profile tab 
  7. If you make any changes, click Update profile
  8. Click on the Change password tab to change your My Zoopla password
  9. Type in your Current password and then enter your New password, and then re-type it to confirm it
  10. Once you make your changes, click Change password 
  11. Click on the Change email tab to change the email address associated with your My Zoopla account
  12. Type in your New email address and then click Change email address


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