We continuously work to maintain a safe online experience, and part of that is having trusted and compliant agents on our site. Even with our security measures in place, if an agent has fallen victim to phishing or fraud, and a fraudster has access to their system, they may be able to post fraudulent property listings on Zoopla pretending to be the agent.

Zoopla does not engage in direct sales or lettings activities for properties. We are a UK property portal providing estate agents with advertising through our website and our affiliated partner websites.

If you have encountered someone purporting to be us that is offering direct sales or lettings activities, unfortunately these claims will be being made fraudulently. We advise that you:

  1. Stop any engagement with the user
  2. Contact the national fraud and internet crime reporting centre, Action Fraud, as soon as possible
  3. Contact our Customer Support team. Click Chat below and the virtual assistant will assist you. We may ask you to forward any e-mails from the individual(s) to us as well, to help aid our investigation
  4. We will then report this to our Compliance team who will investigate this further


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