How do I create a Zoopla account?

Creating a Zoopla account allows you to personalise your Zoopla experience, as well as enabling you to make the most out of our website tools and functionality. This includes:

Registering with Zoopla is free and easy to do. When you register with Zoopla, you will gain access to your own profile page.  

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This article includes: 

Registering for a My Zoopla account

  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Click Register
  4. Complete the registration form and click Register
    1. Alternatively, if you do have an account, click Sign in and enter your login details, or sign in via Google or Facebook

      My Zoopla registration form
  5. Your My Zoopla account will now be available

Managing your account

  1. Sign in using your login credentials
  2. Hover over My Zoopla
  3. Click More account settings
  • Overview: This gives you access to shortcuts to all the aspects of your Zoopla account

  • My profile: This can also be accessed if you click Edit profile.  From here, you can change your login details, password and email address associated with your Zoopla account

  • Alerts & searches: This is where you can set up property alerts to keep up to date with your local property market and not miss your potential dream home.  You can also view your recent and saved searches

  • Email preferences: From here, you can manage your email marketing preferences

  • Saved properties: This displays a list of all your Saved properties so you can quickly and easily access them

  • Tracked properties: This displays a list of all your Tracked properties, and your relationship to them, so you can quickly and easily access them

  • Property notes: You can add notes to your Saved properties from here. They will appear in a list, allowing you to view and amend them

Signing out

When using any website that requires a login, it is always advisable to sign out correctly when done, especially if using a shared computer.  This will end your session correctly and securely, as well as stop anyone else from using your logins.  

  1. Hover over My Zoopla 
  2. Click Sign out 


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