How do I report a property listing?

Our aim is to ensure that all information on our site is as comprehensive and accurate as possible. All of the properties that are advertised on Zoopla are provided to us by registered estate agents and are subject to our terms and conditions which defines acceptable codes of practice.

If you believe a property listing breaks these codes of practice for any reason, for example:

  • the property is sold but is still being marketed
  • the property was never on the market despite being marketed
  • the property listing may be a fake listing
  • the property listing has the wrong status

You can report it. To do so:  

   Web (Desktop)     Web (Mobile)
  1. Visit 
  2. Search for properties that suit your requirements
  3. Click into a property listing to view it in more detail
  4. Scroll down to the More information section and click Report this listing


  5. Fill in the relevant information and click Report error

The issue will be reported in a more efficient manner and our Compliance Team will be notified.  


A listing can only be reported from the website version of Zoopla (not from the app)

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