How do I tailor my rental searches?

Property searches on Zoopla can be as broad or specific as you need them to be. 

For example, you can search for bungalows to rent, on two specific streets (only if using Map search), along with houses that will accept pets, with a garden and garage. You could also keep it simple and just search for detached houses for rent in a specific town. 


Due to change in regulations, we no longer allow property listings on our website that include the term "No DSS". We believe that all tenants looking to rent deserve the chance to be fully assessed for their suitability.  As such we have no way of searching specifically for DSS/Housing Benefits, even using keywords. Contact the listing agent directly for more information

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  1. Visit 
  2. Click To rent
  3. Type in your Search area and basic search criteria, i.e. the number of Bedrooms, Max price and Property type
  4. Click Search
  5. Click Filters to further refine your search
    1. Click Bedrooms if you want to specify a minimum and maximum number of bedrooms
    2. Click Price if you want to specify a Price Per Month/Week, and/or a minimum and maximum price
    3. To search for specific property types, click Property type and tick the property types accordingly
    4. To Include, exclude & show only search results for House share and Retirement homes, select the options accordingly
    5. To search for specific property must-have features, click Must-haves and tick the options accordingly
    6. Click Furnished to filter by your preferred furnished type
    7. To filter properties based on their availability, click Availability and select the appropriate option
    8. To search for properties recently added to Zoopla, click Added to site and select the appropriate timeframe
    9. Use the Keywords box to tailor your results.
      Search for single words by typing them in, comma separated, e.g. garage, garden, bath. 
      Search for phrases by adding quotations marks, e.g. "wood floors". You can exclude terms too by prefixing them with '-' e.g. -student, -detached, -pets, etc. 
    10. Click Update Results. The screen automatically refreshes to show the updated results
  6. From the top right of your search results, you can click Create email alert, Save this search, start a Travel time search or Draw your search
  7. Scroll down to view properties that match your search criteria, and for any of interest, click on the property to view it in more detail