How do I create/draw a residential map search?

Creating a Draw a map search using Zoopla SmartMaps means that you can include areas that would otherwise be excluded from a standard circumference search, specifying exactly where you want to live.  You can also include multiple areas within one search.  

  1. Go to
  2. Hover over the correct department in the website navigation (For sale, To rent)
  3. Click Draw a map search 
  4. Type in your postcode, area or town
  5. Click the relevant radial button to define department
  6. Click Define my area


  7. Click Filter results to define the area, property type, price and number of bedrooms
  8. You can edit the current area (highlighted in purple) by clicking Edit area
  9. Multiple areas can be added into the same map search by clicking Add area 
  10. The default area is a circle but your own area, avoiding certain streets for example, can be drawn by clicking on Draw from scratch
  11. You can also choose to show the nearest amenities within the search.  

You map searches will be saved within the Alerts & searches section of your MyZoopla account.  


Draw a search can only be used on the Zoopla website (not the apps)