How do I create a residential Travel time search?

A Travel time search allows you to search for homes based on how far you want to travel. This can be incredibly useful when looking at properties, as in some cases the same geographic distance can take different times to travel.  

   Web (Desktop)     Web (Mobile)
  1. Visit
  2. Click For sale
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Travel time search
  4. Set your desired department; For Sale or To rent
  5. Set your target destination postcode, school, station, or road name
  6. Set your Max travel time
  7. Set your Method of transport
  8. Select your Min price and Max price
  9. Select your Property type
  10. Select the number of Bedrooms
    1. You can apply Advanced search options here, e.g. Keywords
  11. Click Search


  12. A list of suitable properties will appear that match your search criteria, and for any of interest, click on the property to view it in more detail

From the top right of your search results, you can click Create email alertSave this search, or Draw your search.


Travel time searches can only be done on the Zoopla website (not the app)